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Oxrich Garden Sdn Bhd is born in light of the development in Taman Jelita. Our first housing project is called the Palm Villa. It was an immense kick start for our company as the sales were exceedingly responsive and units were sold out very quickly soon after the launch.

Nevertheless, it was a foreseen outcome within our prospect because we believe in our production. Today, we are introducing our second phase, Palm Villa 2, as well as Palm Villa shopping centre which consist of 64 units of 3 storey shop houses. In fact, Oxrich Garden Sdn Bhd is brought up by Yaw Khiong Housing Development Sdn Bhd, a company established by father and son, Mr Sim Chin Yaw and Mr. Sim Chee Khiong respectively. Yaw Khiong Housing Development Sdn Bhd is one of the leading housing and Design Consultancy in Miri, encompasses nearly three decades of experience in the planning and design of corporate, retail and hospitality environments as well as undertaking various multi-million dollar residential housing and shop house projects.

We have developed a high level of expertise in many areas of interior architecture and design, developing the client's vision and incorporating immediate and long term goals. Our extensive experience has taught us how to short-circuit problems and find solutions faster, reducing risk and ultimately saving money. We guarantee individual solutions with enduring quality design outcomes.

One of our principles is constantly researching new products, services, trends in design and construction, as well as developments in corporate management and marketing. We take a keen interest in understanding human behaviour, popular culture and managing each customer's expectations. Our tradition is to create satisfied customers and infuse quality production into the housing industry. The bottom line is we believe excellence is the best policy.

Our company obtains in excess of 90 percent of its business through recommendations. This is because we have many satisfied clients who tell their family and friends about us. We have transformed houses into beautiful homes with a commitment and a strong focus towards the vision of the family that lives in each unique homeā€¦in any case, the heart of every home is in the family. For this reason, we deliver trust and confidence to our valued and potential clients.

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Taman Jelita Shophouses 1st and 2nd Floor

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We are the recognised experts in home buildings and renovation for over 25 years. We cater to your expectations.


Our Design Team includes architects and professional design consultants with many years experience covering a wide range of styles. You will be surprised how they can transform your home and make your dream come true.


We take pride in the quality of our work and have been locally recognised for design and building excellence.


Our superior job scheduling systems have been proven time and time again, and we have a bigger network of sub-contractors so you get to enjoy your beautiful home sooner.


We take responsibility for the management of your construction project from start to finish. We handle all designs, plans and council submissions plus all construction work and the full range of required inspections and certificates, to give you a worry-free experience. Once completed, we continue to look after your needs with our extended warranty and customer care program.